Arctic Shipping Summit 2012

the 8th annual Arctic and cold climate shipping conference and seminar – dates to be confirmed

The premier industry Arctic Shipping event focussing on the strategic, operational and technical challenges of ice and cold climate shipping

 The 7th Annual Arctic Shipping Summit took place in Helsinki from 12-14 April 2011. The leading event of the year for industry professionals involved in Arctic and cold climate shipping saw highly qualified experts in Arctic Shipping from a diverse background assemble to discuss and analyse critical developments and practical challenges. 

As activity increases in the Arctic, including on the Northern Sea Route, off Greenland and in the Barents Sea, participants had the opportunity to hear about:

• Strategic concerns, security and sovereignty in the Arctic with high-level contributions from Arctic countries
• Developments in transport and exploration in Russian Arctic, North America and Greenland, including real-life case studies from voyages in 2010 and offshore drilling experience
• The impact of climate change on potential navigation conditions
• Challenges of ice management operations for offshore vessels
• Technical challenges for design of ice-going ships and icebreakers
• Stakeholder discussion on current status of training for ice-going crew


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